Marble In Chicago

Marblestone is a recycled natural stone marblestone bathroom sink

that has been crushed, pressed, heated, and bonded with a very small amount of resin. Unlike natural stone which is porous, Because Marblestone is less porous than natural stone it is less previous to mildew growth. Marblestone is easy to clean because it does not require any special cleaning or polishing, unlike natural marble.  Marblestone is also less prone to scratching than natural stone.

Marblestone is a green material which helps our environment and is not a petroleum rich material such as cultured marble. It can be used on/ in bathroom counters, shower walls and floors to table tops and wainscoting, Marblestone is the perfect material for all your counter tops, floors and bathrooms.

MARBLESTONE GREENMarblestone green earth

With the trend of many homes going “Green” Marblestone is the perfect option! Marblestone is made up of what is thrown away from the quarrying of natural marble. The left over chucks of marble are crushed, ground and mixed with a small about of polyester resin and then compressed and heated, creating Marblestone. Because of this process Marblestone can be considered a composite material that is providing physical and mechanical properties that are superior to the Materials in their natural form. This process allows the Marblestone to exploit the best properties of each material, while eliminating their less useful characteristics.

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